Khrystyna Rachytska at the FiligranaEtnica ethnic shop in Kyiv

FE salon

We invite you to visit our appointment at the FiligranaEtnica ethnic shop at 4 pm on April 6, 2016 (Kyiv, SC Globus, 3 line, 1st floor). We will announce our work and productions. Also, we demonstrate new Khrystyna Rachytska hand-made dresses and blouses from linen, sackcloth, and silk.

Khrystyna Rachytska shows collection in ACUA Gallery & Artisan Boutique, Edmonton

ACUA arts

ACUA has established a gallery and artisan boutique. Gallery and artisan boutique features unique and original works of art and music from Canada and abroad. Currently, their gallery and artisan boutique features over 40 artists and musicians of Ukrainian heritage and has over 500 pieces of art, artisan crafts, and music.